Training in Biomedical Imaging Instrumentation


Program Directors

Norbert Pelc

Norbert Pelc, Sc.D., Director





Kim Butts Pauly

Kim Butts Pauly, PhD, Co-Director





Steering Committee

Meets quarterly.  In Winter and Spring quarters, selects students to participate in the program. Selected trainees pair with a Steering Committee member in addition to the students’ research advisors. The composition of the Steering Committee was designed to provide excellent expertise while representing the breadth of imaging research at Stanford.

Norbert Pelc, ScD – represents X-Ray and CT
Kim Butts Pauly, PhD – represents MRI and image-guided interventions
Garry Gold, MD – represents clinical collaboration
Craig Levin, PhD – represents nuclear medicine and optical imaging
Pierre Khuri-Yakub, PhD– represents ultrasound
Michael McConnell, MD – represents clinical collaboration

Advisory Board

Composed of both Stanford experts and external advisors.  Meets annually.

Noe Lozano Noe Lozano, PhD
Associate Dean Student & Diversity Affairs, School of Engineering

School of Engineering Diversity Programs

The School of Engineering’s Engineering Diversity Programs (EDP) engages in a broad range of programs to enhance diversity targeted at students pre-college through the graduate level. They link to other groups on campus, provide information and resources, and host a large job fair. Dr. Lozano, the director of EDP travels to conferences and workshops to provide information of Stanford University and its minority recruitment programs. EDP provides fellowships to support meritorious minority graduate students.

Patricia Jones Patricia Jones, PhD
Dr. Nancy Chang Professor of Biology
Director, Stanford Immunology
(former) Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity

Faculty Development and Diversity Office

John Pringle John Pringle, PhD
Professor of Genetics
(former) Senior Associate Dean for Graduate
Education and Postdoctoral Affairs, School of Medicine

Stanford Postdoctoral Affairs
Medical School PhD Programs

Steven Boxer, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
(former) director of the Biophysics Program

The Biophysics Program at Stanford

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