Training in Biomedical Imaging Instrumentation

Emphasis on Diversity

Our program aims to recruit a diverse group of American students. Stanford University is committed to training a diverse group of students, including underrepresented minorities, those with disabilities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We have partnered with several Stanford programs to enhance representation of diverse populations. Please review the Quick Links to the right for programs with which we are affiliated.

We are especially enthused about our partnership with Dr. Noe Lozano, Associate Dean Student & Diversity Affairs, in the School of Engineering, who has agreed to serve on our board and has committed to include our program in his diversity outreach efforts which includes undergraduate programs across the country. More importantly, he has committed to work in partnership with our program to leverage our resources and maximize the impact of our training funds by jointly funding diversity engineering students in our program. In addition, Dr. Lozano has committed to provide retention and career development services to our students, including counseling, tutoring and mentoring. We will work closely with Dr. Lozano's office to assist and augment these services as needed.

TBI2 participates in Stanford Diversity Outreach for Doctoral Education - Centers of Influence Recruitment Retreat (STANDOUT-COI), a two day program sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education.  It brings to campus directors of national programs (MARC, McNair etc.), and faculty, and administrators that work with diverse undergraduates in preparation for doctoral studies. Visiting participants have the opportunity to hear from Stanford faculty, staff, and current graduate students about PhD studies at Stanford, and they can advise Stanford how to best partner with their program to ensure recruitment success.



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